About Us
Here at MCD, we got fed up being too busy to keep on top of what our favourite celebrities were up to. With so many places to search for info, so much going on in all the social media sites, too many adverts, so much spam and too little time - we got frazzled and worried that we were missing out!

Then a giant bolt of lightning struck and (ping!) we realised what to do!! You need a place where all your celebs’ newsfeeds from all the main sites are filtered down into one convenient feed, specially designed by YOU, for YOU. Tweets, posts, photos, live videos – straight from their beautifully manicured fingertips to your personalised feed! So you see only what YOU want to see – and nothing more! Unless you choose to see more of course – you’re in control here.

If you’re feeling generous you’re welcome to share your celebrities’ news directly onto your other social media pages so your friends don’t miss out either. Share the love by welcoming them into our MCD community so they can also get the best mix of celebrity news and gossip right as it happens!

The team here has a background in IT and a love of music, film, TV and sports. We’ve worked with the best web designers around to create this site for you, and we are constantly adding new celebrities for you to follow. If someone you love isn’t here yet, drop us an email and we’ll get their newsfeed set up for you within the week!